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Mosquito Breeding Prevention

You can participate in preventing mosquitoes from breeding by doing the following simple chores around your home or campsite. Even the smallest thing will help and you will be surprised to find out what you can do.

  • Get rid of any standing water. Mosquitoes must have water in which to lay their eggs and develop into adults. Check old tires, buckets, rain gutters, watering cans, etc.
  • If you have a bird bath, fountain, wading pool, or plant trays, it is a good idea to change the water at least once a week.
  • Be sure to keep swimming pools, saunas, and hot tubs clean and chlorinated. If not in use, keep empty and covered.
  • Keep the rain gutters clean of any debris.
  • Stock ornamental pools with minnows or goldfish because they eat mosquito larvae on the water’s surface.
  • Try to mow the lawn at least once a week, if time permits. Mosquitoes are known to hide in the shade of tall grass.
  • Make sure windows, doors, and porches are tightly screened and are free of holes. Drapes, blinds or other window coverings are not enough to keep out mosquitoes.
  • Use mosquito repellents when necessary while following the instructions on the label.
  • Dress properly if you are going camping. Wear long-sleeved sweaters and pants to protect yourself.
  • Replace any outdoor patio lights with yellow “bug” lights.
  • Fill or drain large puddles or ditches that you may have near the house.
  • Keep the hedges and bushes trimmed so as to reduce shade.
  • Repair any leaks and/or eliminate puddles that may have formed around faucets and window air conditioner units.

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