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Mosquito Nets for Africa

Mosquito Nets for AfricaFor a cost of $12.00 you can potentially save a life. That is all it would take to purchase an mosquito net for Africa that includes an insecticide. This mosquito net will protect an adult or child from the dreaded female attacker who deposits the disease, usually at night, into the bloodstream. $12 is one dollar a month for a year. Many die in a year without this protection. We realize life can be difficult enough when you are asked to contribute, but look at it this way; at least you have a life and are possibly enjoying the benefits of it. Mosquitoes in Africa are rampant, that is why the demand for mosquito nets for Africa is so urgent, and people are far from enjoying life as they slowly die from the dreaded malaria implanted in them by those horrendous mosquitoes. Your $12 could save not just one life, but the lives of a family with one treated net. Learn more about the different types of mosquitoes.

Innovation is constantly coming up with more ways to help the serious problems that mosquitoes bring. One donation is all it would take to save one life, look at it as an equal trade off, and one McDonald’s meal for one life of a child. Next time you bite into that hamburger think about the mosquito, also having a different kind of lunch, that is biting into that tiny child and leaving a deadly contribution. ONE LUNCH = ONE LIFE. It is so easy to brush the thought aside, next time you get a mosquito bite make sure it isn’t passing on some deadly disease to you. A child that doesn’t have the privilege of using calamine lotion to rid the slight aggravation but who will suffer greatly, even die. Your donation to send one insecticide treated mosquito net to Africa could save that little life.

Where and How
There are several places you can go online to contribute to this important issue. Research shows that between 2006 and 2008 over 12,000 lives were saved because of these incredible lifesaving treated mosquito nets. There are many organizations that will ship your precious gift to Africa or to the location it is needed the most, and it is wiser to let the experts handle it than to ship it individually. If you have been a donor in the past to a charity or non-profit organization such as World Vision, Netsforlife, CCFC or any other third-world or African country organization, you can contact them again to donate a mosquito net . Typically, they will ship your contribution with their bulk shipments to that particular area. Donating mosquito nets to Africa could save many lives. The organization will supply the net, in some cases a treated net, and you will receive a receipt for your contribution.

Buy Little or More
There is no minimum donation. You can purchase one, one dozen or one hundred mosquito nets for Africa. Each mosquito net will help one family. If everyone could donate $12 each from one town or city of 100,000 people that would quickly turn into 100,000 treated nets and possibly 100,000 saved lives. Lives that would not have to suffer the pain and endure the stages of terror and agony that one single malaria infested mosquito can deliver. Even if you do not belong to or donate to any organization, your one time gift of $12 could save a life or lives. Remove suffering from children that are only learning about life and should not have to endure the suffering caused by Malaria.

Shipping - Done For You
Treated mosquito nets for Africa are being shipped by organizations that are dedicated to helping prevent malaria. It has been proven that treated nets do save lives. There is still a need for a great quantity. Online you can find an outlet, an organization that will assist you in purchasing one or more of these life saving mosquito nets for Africa. Just type in mosquito nets for Africa and you will find the right path to take.

Article written by Anna DeGaborik
Anna DeGaborik is the author for the All Mosquito Netting Info website. She studies insect diseases and prevention, specializing in mosquitoes.

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